A Day Well Spent at Universal Studios

The Madagascar Crate Ride at Universal Studios, Singapore

When my sisters put the idea out there for the family to go to Universal Studios I wasn’t all that excited. I thought it would be cool, but lets say I wasn’t so excited that I couldn’t sleep the night before. But when I got there things changed, I saw the amazing Far Far Away castle and all the colour and couldn’t wait to go inside (we got there early and had to wait). 

At the beginning my family and I thought we would stay at Universal Studios from 10am until around 3pm, and ended up staying until 8:30pm when it closed. That pretty much explains our whole day, it was more than we expected and so much fun that we didn’t want to leave.

We saw many different shows throughout the day, including Shrek 4D, Mel’s Dinettes, The Cruisers and Lights Camera Action hosted by Steven Spielberg, they were all extraordinary and I smiled the whole way through all of them. Shrek 4D was my favourite, throughout the show we had donkey sneeze on us (water) , spiders crawl over us (air) and we went on a wild case where our seats moved mentally.

I didn’t go on that many rides during the day, but my favourite was the Transformers Ride that I went on with my sisters. We got lucky with the waiting line because after we went in, the waiting time had changed from 40 minutes to almost 2 hours. The waiting line went through about 7 different rooms all set up with Transformers characters talking on screens with buttons to push and switches to flick, so it was in no way boring. When the cart started moving there were a whole lot of twists and turns. During the ride we were on the transformers team trying to kill the bad guys. Optimus Prime and Bumblebee were telling us what to do and the cart was moving us around to get the job done. The ride consisted of falling out of buildings, getting picked up and thrown by the bad transformers and flying around the city, so I wasn’t bored for one minute.


We got A Photo After the Ride

From there we continued through the different worlds, onto Sci-Fi City where my Mum and Sister went on the Battlestar Galactica (A massive rollercoaster that I pussied out of) while my Dad, younger Sister and I went on the Accelerator. We were attracted to Ancient Egypt so we moved onto The Lost World where we went on the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure as a family which was a lot of fun.

Next was Far Far Away which was probably my favourite world of them all. We went to the Shrek 4D Adventure straight up as we had been excited for that all day. I couldn’t keep the smile off myself, I hadn’t watched Shrek in a long time but this made me want to watch all 4 again. We had lunch at a place called Friar’s in Far Far Away World after the show and I had the most AMAZING caesar wrap ever. The set up was just like in Shrek 2 when the Fairy Godmother goes through the Drive-In which was really cool.

Universal Studios, Far Far Away

In Madagascar World we went on the Crate Adventure which was much more tame than the other rides, but still fun. It had the characters popping out from everywhere saying little jokes which I enjoyed. After tea at Loui’s NY Pizza Parlor (where the pizza slices were 3 times the size of normal slices), we headed back to the Hollywood section where the fireworks would be. At 8:00pm the fireworks started, they were gorgeous and it was a great way to end such an amazing day.

I would strongly recommend to anyone visiting Singapore that Universal Studios is a very good way to spend your time. It is a fun place for everyone, there were families with children (like us), couples with no kids, groups of friends and some went on their own and still had a great time.

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