Living the Thailand Dream Within the Resort

Chaweng Beach Koh Samui, the Beach Outside our Resort

When first arriving in Koh Samui, Thailand I was amazed by the resort that we were staying at, it had beautiful frangipani trees everywhere, a pool with a swim up bar and the beach right on our doorstep. But I was most excited to get out into the streets to see the real culture. I thought that would be what I most enjoyed because that was REALLY experiencing Thailand, right? And while I did like talking to the locals and bartering with them, I actually preferred the activities in the resort and on the beach to the stalls on the street outside our resort. 

A lot of our time at the resort was just spent relaxing, we stayed on the beach side chairs for hours reading and getting a tan which was great. But I found that after two days of that at the beginning, I wanted to start doing some of the activities I had seen along the beach on our walks. I had seen kayaking, paddle boating, aquaerobics, jet skiing, aqua parks and more and I wanted to do it all (I wasn’t allowed to jet ski, but the others I could manage).

Kayaking was the first thing I tried because it was the cheapest and the easiest to organise as it was set up in the resort. I did it with my younger sister, we paid 100 Bart each which is about $4 Australian (very cheap for an hour of kayaking!) Although we absolutely sucked at it, I still found it really fun. I wanted to go out deep to paddle and kayak like normal people, but my sister had a different plan. She wanted to stay in where the waves were crashing so that we would get knocked off because that was more fun than paddling, so that’s what we did. I hadn’t laughed that hard in a long time as we got dumped by the miniature waves with the kayak thrown on top of us. After an hour we were pooped and ready for a break!

The next day we (my Mum, 2 Sisters and I) decided to go paddle boarding, with Mum and myself on one board and my Sisters on the other. I had no confidence in myself that I would be able to stand up, but I was pleasantly surprised. We started on our knees (which was a real workout for the quads) and slowly worked our way up to properly standing. Mum and I took in turns and when we were confident one of us sat at the front while the other stood behind. Mum fell in a few times, with a few face plants but apart from that we were fine. Paddle Boarding had been on my bucketlist for ages so I was glad to tick that one off.

On the last day of staying at the Centara Grand Resort (which I would really recommend) I did aquaerobics in the morning with Mum for half an hour, which was a lot of fun before doing the Aqua Park in the afternoon with Dad. The Aqua Park was like a playground with blown up obstacles to climb onto, run through, jump off, balance on and slide down… so it was reaally fun but a big workout as well! First we went on the trampoline that had a slide on the other side, before moving onto the bigger slide. Once I had accomplished them I moved onto the rock climbing wall that you jumped off, because it couldn’t be much harder than the slides, right? Well I was wrong, it took me about 15 minutes and a lot of Dad’s help to get me up onto the blow up wall and then another 10 minutes to climb it. It was so wobbly with everyone jumping off the other side so I had to keep my balance (a hard thing for me) and try to find the right places to put my hands and feet. When I finally got to the top there was nowhere else to put my hands, so a few people jumping off shook the cushion enough for me to go flying the whole way back down, hitting every body part on the grips on the way down (ouch). It would have been a very funny sight for anyone watching (luckily there wasn’t many), but it was very painful for me! The fall down felt like it went forever, so when I FINALLY hit the water I was very glad. I had escaped without injury (just scratches and bruises), but that was enough of the rock climbing wall for me! I spend the rest of the hour on the seesaw with Dad, running in the ‘mouse wheel’ and sliding down the slides. Dad and I were exhausted after an hour and slept really well that night, but it was one of the most fun things I did while in Koh Samui. 

The above photo is us learning to paddle board, but on the left is the Aqua Park. You can see the deadly rock climbing wall and the trampoline there.


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