New York, New York

1. Get a subway pass.

If you’re there for 4 or more days, get the 7 day Subway pass. It’ll save you money for how often you use the subway, and is so much easier than buying a single ticket every time you get public transport. I only caught onto this on my second or third day, so didn’t get as much value out of it, but it was still worth it for me.

This was taken from the Staten Island Ferry, after I’d enjoyed a lovely subway ride getting to know some locals.

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In A World of Our Own at Summer Camp

I, like most others, grew up watching American movies. One of the classic, watched-that-a-thousand-times movies was the Lindsey Lohan classic “The Parent Trap”. The film is initially set at an all-girls summer camp (with the exception of one boy, who is grossly mistaken). Now, I’m not naïve. I realise they were on a set, and that’s not how people really live… right? 

Well. Let me tell you, it is EXACTLY like the movies. The wooden cabins, the large duffle bags, the daily activities, I could go on and on. I mean there was no isolation cabin, but mostly everything else was just as I had seen in the movies. Yes, we even had a cabin swim naked in the lake. Nope, they didn’t lose at poker (as Annie does in Parent Trap), they weren’t even dared to do it, they just wanted to. And hey, it’s summer camp, go for it.  

We even had a camper come from London… I pretty much lived The Parent Trap… without the whole twin part of it.

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