Singapore Hop-On-Hop-Off Bus Tour

In both Koh Samui and Singapore, we went on a city tour within the first few days, and it’s safe to say that I loved both of them. In Singapore we were able to get off the bus at any stop to look around and there were hourly buses that we could get back on once we were ready. As well as stopping to look at landmarks, we saw lots of the city (which was beautiful). We got off the bus twice to look at the Gardens by the Bay and Chinatown, both of which I was pleasantly surprised by.  Continue reading

A Day Well Spent at Universal Studios

The Madagascar Crate Ride at Universal Studios, Singapore

When my sisters put the idea out there for the family to go to Universal Studios I wasn’t all that excited. I thought it would be cool, but lets say I wasn’t so excited that I couldn’t sleep the night before. But when I got there things changed, I saw the amazing Far Far Away castle and all the colour and couldn’t wait to go inside (we got there early and had to wait).  Continue reading