Let’s Pretend We’re Dancing in the Street, in BARCELONA


I’m not gonna lie, Ed Sheeran’s recent song had me pretty pumped about finally getting to see everything that Barcelona has to offer.

So with “Barcelona” streaming through my headphones, I tried to calm myself down, as I set off for my weekend adventure.

I ended up flying to Barcelona on Friday, and flying home Monday, which gave me a good 2.5 days to fit in as much as humanly possible.

And that I did.


IMG_1668 2
Park Güell


Within approximately 30 hours, I strolled along the beautiful beach, gazed at Gaudi’s impressive La Pedrera, joined a tour through the famous Sangrada Familiar, took a gallery’s worth of photos at Park Güell, made and tested tapas, sangria and paella at a Spanish cooking class, wandered around Las Ramblas and taste-tested at La Boqueria, smiled from ear to ear at the “magic fountain” show, and enjoyed some of the best ice-cream and churros I’ve had.

IMG_1694 2
Park Güell, breathtaking

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4 Day Cram to See Everything in Amsterdam

So I don’t want to brag or anything, but I’m pretty much an expert on Amsterdam, after only being there for approximately 4 days. 

Okay, maybe ‘expert’ is a bit of a stretch. But I pretty much saw everything that Amsterdam has to offer in those few short days.

There I am on the S… I’m still surprised (and proud) that I was able to get up onto a letter!

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The Magic of the Greek Islands

Hiya – oh crap I’m sounding like a local British girl, next thing I’ll be asking people if they’re alright.

ANYWAY, I have just recently returned from my Greek getaway, and let me tell you it was AMAZING!

…No really, let me tell you about it.

Since I had no friends available to travel with me when I had time off, I made the very courageous decision (thousands of people have made this decision), to take on the world by myself. Technically I was only taking on a very small part of the world, and I was joining a tour, so not technically by myself, but still, I would like some credit.

The tour that I signed up for was operated by Busabout, called the Greek Island Flexi-Hopper. It began and ended in Athens, and included Mykonos, Paros, Santorini and Ios.

Like many people (and evidently Australians, since 95% of my tour group were from Australia), Greece was at the top of my bucket list, and it did not disappoint.

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A Happy Little Vegemite Living in the World of Marmite

Aus to London 2In my humble opinion, London is a pretty good spot for an Aussie to relocate (for the first time anyway), since there’s no major culture shock. I mean most things are the same, apart from of course the accent and a few other minor things.

However, that doesn’t mean that everything makes total sense to me over here. Like for example, the way Londoners greet people (this by the way, might not be unique to Londoners, but I am yet to venture outside of London).

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Singapore Hop-On-Hop-Off Bus Tour

In both Koh Samui and Singapore, we went on a city tour within the first few days, and it’s safe to say that I loved both of them. In Singapore we were able to get off the bus at any stop to look around and there were hourly buses that we could get back on once we were ready. As well as stopping to look at landmarks, we saw lots of the city (which was beautiful). We got off the bus twice to look at the Gardens by the Bay and Chinatown, both of which I was pleasantly surprised by.  Continue reading

Living the Thailand Dream Within the Resort

Chaweng Beach Koh Samui, the Beach Outside our Resort

When first arriving in Koh Samui, Thailand I was amazed by the resort that we were staying at, it had beautiful frangipani trees everywhere, a pool with a swim up bar and the beach right on our doorstep. But I was most excited to get out into the streets to see the real culture. I thought that would be what I most enjoyed because that was REALLY experiencing Thailand, right? And while I did like talking to the locals and bartering with them, I actually preferred the activities in the resort and on the beach to the stalls on the street outside our resort.  Continue reading

A Day Well Spent at Universal Studios

The Madagascar Crate Ride at Universal Studios, Singapore

When my sisters put the idea out there for the family to go to Universal Studios I wasn’t all that excited. I thought it would be cool, but lets say I wasn’t so excited that I couldn’t sleep the night before. But when I got there things changed, I saw the amazing Far Far Away castle and all the colour and couldn’t wait to go inside (we got there early and had to wait).  Continue reading